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Finally decided to live separately from their parents or annoying neighbors, decided to rent an apartment with a convenient location? You are on the right track. Long-term apartment rental in Kiev is We offer a quick search of thousands of royalty-free property listings.
Our site will help you quickly and reliably rent an apartment long-term, that is, for a long time, in the magical chestnut town. Keep in mind that, traditionally, owners are reinsured and require tenants to pay for the first and last months of their stay, counting on their wealth and integrity. Keep in mind that this is a very common practice in Kiev, and calculate your budget with a significant margin when looking for an apartment for yourself. All landlords promise to return the money for the last month if you want to leave the apartment urgently, and virtually all find reasons for deducting the maximum amount of "compensation" for one or another loss. Also, do not be shy about obliging the owner to enter into a written lease agreement when you move into a dream rented apartment (to approve it notarially or not - make this decision together with the owner). This will oblige the two parties to respect each other and regulate the procedure for damages to both parties.
A few words about the capital itself.
Kyiv is located on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper and has 10 administrative districts. In Kiev there are more than 2500 place names (streets, squares, boulevards, avenues, lanes, elevations, highways, etc.), many of them have the same names, although they are in different areas, so, when looking for real estate, specify the city area. In Kiev there are 3 subway branches with 52 stations and three underground junctions between the branches. The advertisements on our site contain information not only about the address of the property but also the nearest Metro station. Convenient, isn't it?
Life is raging in Kyiv 24/7, because the capital is the largest business centers of Ukraine, the largest number of restaurants, cafes and fast food in Kiev, most tourists visit Kiev. Nightlife and a variety of entertainment are available for every taste and budget. During the day in Kiev there is always something to visit: museums, exhibitions and expositions, outdoor holidays, cinemas, theaters, botanical gardens and parks, hiking in tourist locations, numerous excursions, water transport trips across the Dnieper and many more.
If you want to be in the center of all events, on you will find the perfect apartment in the heart of the capital of Ukraine. If you would like to stay away from the busy streets, our project will be useful here and will help you to rent a cozy and comfortable apartment in the residential areas of Kiev, closer to the subway or with a convenient traffic junction nearby. Also, if you have come for a long time to the charming capital of Ukraine, will always help you to rent an apartment without intermediaries and extra commissions.
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