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The policy of using cookies

The policy of using cookies -
In the course of work site can collect certain information through cookies (cookies, cookies), in your browser or mobile device.

COOKIES is a small text file that stores information directly on the user's computer, on his mobile phone, or on another device.

With cookies, the web server can store, for example, preferences and settings on a user's computer, on their mobile phone, or on another device, which then automatically restored at the next visit. In other words, cookies are designed to make the use of the site more convenient, for example, so that the user does not repeat the logon process during the next visit. The company uses both regular and session cookies.

Permanent cookies are stored on the hard disk of a computer or device (and usually depends on the default cookie lifetime). Permanent cookies also include those that are hosted by other websites, "cookies from third parties." Session cookies will automatically be deleted when you close the browser window.

Depending on the purposes for which cookies are used, they are usually divided into the following categories:

Mandatory cookies allow you to use the website and its main features. They are usually set up in response to your actions, such as logging into your own account on the site. These files are required to use the site.

Functional cookies are used to keep you in mind when revisiting your site and providing an improved personalized service. For example, a site may ask you some information, or remember information about your choice of language or location. These cookies collect information anonymously and can not track your visits to other websites.

Analytical and operational cookies allow you to store information about how you use the site and how many times you visit it. For example, the site stores information about which pages you visit more often and whether you receive error messages. This allows you to improve the work of the site, including providing quick access to the important information you are interested in. These cookies serve only to improve the quality of the site.

You can at any time refuse to store cookies on your device. To do this, follow the instructions on the site of your browser. Here are some instructions for the most popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox -

Google Chrome -

Opera -

MS Edge -

Safari -

We draw your attention to the fact that changing the settings of your web browser and refusing to use and saving cookies on your device, you will be able to browse the site, but some options or features may not work properly.

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