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Chernihiv is a city of legends, the regional center of the northernmost region of Ukraine. This city is cozy, open and welcoming to all friendly visitors. Recently, Chernihiv has become a very popular tourist city, it is often called the Pearl of Polissia. Rent an apartment in Chernihiv is, because we know all the avenues, streets, alleys and areas of this magnificent city of northerners, so we know where it is better to find an apartment in Chernihiv without intermediaries.
Let's try to briefly describe why it is worth falling in love with Chernihiv and living here for a long time, having rented an apartment for several months.
First of all, it is a characteristic provincial regularity and leisurely rhythm of life. Residents rush to their business, work or leisure, but not as fast as in Kyiv, or, say, in the Dipro. This dimensionality can be traced throughout. This is such a northerner lifestyle.
Secondly, this is a developed infrastructure, because in recent years Chernihiv has changed significantly and has become somewhat more elegant, cleaner, and to some extent more attractive. For example, repaired roads and their lighting are commendable.
The third, perhaps the most important aspect, is the eternal spirit of history, which you should feel when starting a journey from the ancient defensive fortifications of princely times (ramparts), also near the Catherine’s Church, which meets all guests on a road from Kyiv. You should feel this spirit of history at the Anthony Caves (by the way one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine) and in numerous historical museums.
The fourth reason: near Chernihiv there is a flowing and picturesque one, their unique majesty is “enchanted” Desna (discover the Dovzhenko museum in Chernihiv for yourself). By the way, in the summer it’s worth trying to rafting down the quiet surface of this river downstream, bypassing the banks near Chernihiv. You are waiting for an unforgettable experience of harmony, peace and grandeur of this river.
The fifth reason is gastronomic. Such a quantity of available cafes and restaurants cannot be found anywhere from the regional centers of Ukraine. You will be fed tasty, well-fed and not expensive. Service in Chernihiv is always at its best.
Keep in mind that Chernihiv is much closer to the border with our northern neighbors than to Kiev, so the characteristic dialect here is part of a special touch (notes of a Belarusian accent, a kind of “Polissia charm” are often traced). Do not be offended if local people answer your question from Ukrainian or English language more often in Russian or with a tangible accent, this does not reduce their friendliness and openness, it's just make felt events from the past.
Undoubtedly, Chernihiv is a modern city and often people who have been here want to live here a little longer. That is why helps to rent an apartment without intermediaries and extra commissions.
We invite you to visit Chernihiv and if you don’t fall in love from the first day, then at least discover a lot of new, interesting and legendary. We are waiting for you near the 13th cannon on the Val (by the way, it is actually "golden" and is in the museum).
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